Having a Sea Change
after surviving 4-years
Andrew Bolt + NewsCorp litigation
Why AndrewBoltParty.com ??

Well, I was a Party in litigation against Andrew Bolt (and NewsCorp) which ran for 4 long years from 2012 to 2015.

Like all wars, it started with a grievance.  I accused Andrew Bolt of lying to the Australian Press Council when he responded to a complaint I had made.

Things snowballed into a Supreme Court of Victoria defamation writ and then the other side were determined to fight trench warfare with a bunch of court appearances in what became increasingly complicated legal issues.

I was self-represented against the NewsCorp litigation machine through the whole ordeal.

15 December 2015

Good news! My litigation with Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun settled after a 4-year battle.


They spend over $1 million; I spend about $1,000.


Perhaps the recent 55 person redundancy purge at NewsCorp motivated the top-tier senior management to stop spending further $100,000s on the ongoing appeals to the 2 December 2014 trial decision, and also further satellite litigation against the Herald Sun coverage of the October 2014 trial.


With my appeals on foot, thankfully I always effectively had a bankruptcy shield in place against the $500,000 costs ordered by the trial judge Justice Terry Forrest on 2 December 2014.


Like I say, I only spent about $1,000 – that's $1 or so for every $1,000 by the other side.   NewCorp could have saved much coin to avoid journalist redundancies if they had agreed to simply walk away which I first offered in September 2013 (yes, over 2 years ago).


Am I relieved?  Well, I'm pleased that I survived the NewCorp litigation machine.  And it only took 4 years in the trenches; about $1,000 and plenty of fighting spirit.


Thankyou to all my supporters.


David C. Barrow
(Bolt Tackler)



p.s. I am now having a sea change – arranging Testamentary Trusts for Willmakers looking to provide for vulnerable people such as children before they reach adulthood, people with mental health and other disabilities, and those with gambling and drug addiction problems.


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